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Former health chiefs to Trump: Avoid new ‘Obamacare’ crisis
Don’t make things worse. That’s the advice of former U.S. health secretaries of both parties to President Donald Trump and the GOP-led Congress, now that “Obamacare” seems here for the foreseeable future. The 2018 sign-up season for subsidized private health plans starts Nov. 1, with about 10 million people... Read more
EpiPen maker finalizes settlement for government overcharges
EpiPen maker Mylan has finalized a $465 million federal agreement settling allegations it overbilled Medicaid for its emergency allergy injectors for a decade — charges brought after rival Sanofi filed a whistleblower lawsuit and tipped off the government. It’s the second settlement with the Department of Justice that Mylan... Read more
Study links a lack of sleep in children with increased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes
Children who don’t get enough sleep at night are at higher risk for developing Type 2 diabetes, according to a new study published Tuesday by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Researchers observed self-reported sleep times, then took body measurements and blood samples in over 4,500 children aged 9 and... Read more
Health insurers weigh double-digit premium increases amid Trump ‘uncertainty’: Study
Because of policy “uncertainty” from the Trump administration that is “far outside the norm,” some health insurers are considering double-digit increases to premiums in 2018, according to a new study from the Kaiser Family Foundation. The study found that the vast majority of providers cited “uncertainty” over the individual... Read more
Pope Francis to Belgian Catholics: Stop offering euthanasia
Pope Francis has ordered a Belgian Catholic charity to stop offering euthanasia in its psychiatric hospitals. In May, the Brothers of Charity group announced it would allow doctors to perform euthanasia at its 15 psychiatric hospitals in Belgium, one of only two countries — along with the Netherlands —... Read more
Study finds more young, white people developing and dying from colorectal cancer
Death rates from colorectal cancer for adults aged 20 to 54 are increasing by 1 percent each year, according to a new study, a rise that appears to be driven by an increase in the number of younger white adults getting and dying from this disease. Colorectal cancer rates... Read more
Scientists unveil a possible new way of healing wounds in the future
Scientists at Ohio State University have developed a new method that has the capability of changing the body’s existing cells into new cells to promote healing. The method, called Tissue Nanotransfection (TNT), reprograms cells through a device that uses nanotechnology. The way it would work: First, doctors would apply... Read more
A Virginia man is suing the Republican Party for failing to repeal the Affordable Care Act. The Virginian-Pilot reports that in a suit filed in U.S. District Court, Bob Heghmann claims GOP lawmakers defrauded contributors with promises to undo “Obamacare.” The retired attorney claims the Republican National Committee and... Read more
Many banks won’t have anything to do with legal pot business
Billions of dollars are expected to flow through California’s legitimate marijuana industry next year when recreational pot becomes legal, but most of those businesses won’t be able to use banks. The reason: Many banks don’t want anything to do with pot money for fear it could expose them to... Read more
Euthanasia has become “common practice” in the Netherlands, accounting for 4.5 percent of deaths, according to researchers who say requests are increasing from people who aren’t terminally ill. In 2002, the Netherlands became the first country in the world that made it legal for doctors to help people die.... Read more